Let’s face it, spiders can be scary, fortunately in Connecticut there are not too many poisonous ones. Contrary to popular misconception, brown recluse spiders do not naturally, reside in Connecticut, it gets too cold in the winter for them to survive. Poisonous and aggressive spiders in Connecticut include the Northern black widow spider, the wolf spider, and the parson spider. Out of these three Connecticut spiders only the northern black widow is truly poisonous. The Connecticut wolf spider and parson spiders bite does hurt a lot and can cause severe allergic reactions in some people though. You probably will see higher spider activity in the Connecticut area during fall when the enter your home or business searching for a nice warm and cozy place to spend the winter.

Minimize spider activity in your Connecticut home or business by:

• Use yellow lights outside that do not attract insects[
• Dust and remove any spider webs you see
• Vacuum on a regular basis
• Get rid of or move firewood piles and compost piles near dwelling
• Seal in gaps in walls and under doors to exclude spiders out