Bees in Connecticut can be beneficial insects by pollinating plants, but when they are in your home or business building nests it could put you, your family, or your tenants at risk of being stung and worse having a bad allergic reaction. Over two million people in the US are allergic to bee stings, with about 100 people dying a year from anaphylactic shock. If you are or think you or a family member are allergic to bee stings keep a bee sting kit on you for emergencies.

It is strongly advised that non-professionals do not attempt to remove bee nests through do-it-yourself methods. Bee removal should only be carried out by a licensed bee control professional. It is very dangerous because removing a bee nest can cause bees to sting in large numbers. There are some things you can do, though, to help prevent bees on your property.

Bee prevention

  • Don’t leave food and drinks outside for a long time, especially soda or beer cans
  • Have tight fitting lids on all garbage cans
  • Keep all garbage cans away from where people congregate
  • Check your property periodically for any signs of bees building nests before they become too big
  • If you see a bee don’t swat at it or make any sudden movements